IFA Supports Students With Disabilities

By Janice Malachi

  • IFA project supports the right to education for all
  • A boy with learning disability gets free education
  • Children with disability can equally make a difference


Emes Noel Akaso, 18, has a learning disability and is hard of hearing. The teenager spent years at home without any formal education because his parents thought there was no need to “waste resources” on a child who couldn’t learn in a conventional school.

But now Emes is learning in a school designed to accommodate the needs of special students like him, thanks to a scholarship from Inclusive Friends Association.

“We believe that the right to education is fundamental to all,” said Grace Jerry, IFA executive director.

IFA’s Inclusive Education Project seeks to improve the educational outcomes of thousands of children with disabilities in Nigeria. Over the last three years, 15 students in 8 communities in Plateau State received scholarships and many others enrolled in school as a result of the project’s sensitization programs. Women Without Walls Initiative and the Deaf Women Association help fund the project.

The teachers at Emes’ school understand the needs of students with disabilities. They steady the hands of students who need help writing. They suggest words that students with speech impediments can pronounce. And the teachers step in when students need help with hygiene or using the bathroom.

Teacher Mr. Agbo said Emes is doing well in his new class.

“He make contributions that are meaningful, despite the difficulty in his speech,” said Mr. Agbo. “He is also creative, and very good in playing football and athletics.”

When asked about his ambitions, Emes said shyly, “I want to be a soldier.”

Despite his disability, Emes desires to serve his country as a soldier. His determination to give back shows just how valuable it is to invest in every child’s future – by ensuring they are given all the support they need to get a quality education.

To find out how you can support the Inclusive Education Project, contact pattygyang@gmail.com



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