Scholarship Helps Teenage Breast Cancer Survivor Move Forward

By Janice Malachi

Martina, a hearing impaired teenager, didn’t get to enjoy the carefree life of many 16-year-olds. There were days that she wished she was studying for exams or laughing with her friends in Jos.

Instead, she was battling breast cancer.

To save her life, her parents used their life’s savings. They sold the only plot of land they had for their daughter’s surgery.

The treatment succeeded, but her parents now had no resources for Martina to continue her education in a special school for students with disabilities.

A friend told Martina’s mother about Inclusive Friends Association and its Learning Together Project. The scholarship program helps special children complete their education, so they can have more opportunities in life.

Nigerian nonprofit Women Without Walls Initiative helps fund the Learning Together Project. So far, the project has helped 12 children with disabilities in Plateau State continue their education.

Now a year older and doing well in school, Martina dreams about becoming a medical doctor so that she can treat other children with disabilities. She also bakes, sews and makes beads and local soap to sell in her community to save enough money to accomplish her dream.

Would you like to help more students with disabilities like Martina? Donate to Inclusive Friends Association today.

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