Electoral Bill 2022: CSOs Raise Concern Over the Presidential Assent Delay

The Inclusive Friends Association alongside other CSOs calls on President Mohammadu Buhari to assent the Electoral Bill 2022 on or before February 22, 2022.
To recall, the President declined to assent the bill as he highlights uncertainties that need to be addressed by the National Assembly before he signs the Electoral Bill to law. The President also promised Nigerians during an interview on national television to assent the bill when those inconsistencies are addressed by the National Assembly. On January 31, 2022, the National Assembly reworked the bill to meet the President’s expectations and transmitted back to the President the Electoral bill.
It’s been 18 days and counting since the Electoral bill was resubmitted to the President for Assent. This birthed the concern by CSOs on the delay on the part of the president to assent to the bill.
The CSOs noted that any further delay in concluding the process of enacting the Electoral Bill 2022 will directly impact preparations for upcoming elections, especially the 2023 General Elections which is 366 days away.
Also, the consortium cast worries on the implications therein if the president fails to assent the bill as the country may lose the opportunity to test the efficacy of innovations introduced in the Electoral Bill before deployment in the 2023 general elections.
Read the full statement: Joint Civil Society Statement on the Imperative of timely assent to the Electoral Bill 2022

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