Inclusive Friends Association (IFA) seeks Communications / M&E Assistant in Nigeria

Deadline: April 21, 2021.


Inclusive Friends Association (IFA) is seeking to recruit Communications / M&E Assistant. The objective of this role is to monitor field activities based on IFA’s project implementation plan through the organization’s M&E evaluation design for management and accountability functions. Support the organization’s Communications Team with internal and external projects to meet different targeted audiences which in turns creates visibility for IFA.


About IFA


IFA is a Person with Disability (PWD) woman-led non-profit and non-governmental organization that employs data to address inclusion and participation challenges of over 30 million PWDs in Nigeria through advocacy, training and research. IFA’s focal areas of work are Democracy, Good Governance and Gender. IFA is an innovative and consistent leader within the Disability community as well as in the democracy and governance space with a wide network of allies, stakeholders and various PWD groups nationally which are instrumental to the success of its programs.


Job Duties and Responsibilities


The communications / M&E Assistant will perform a wide range of professional duties in monitoring field activities based on the projects implementation plan through the use of the organization’s monitoring and evaluation tools and will perform related duties as assigned. Handle social media platforms and liaise with the media- print, electronic and online, in charge of video and audio recordings, prepare media briefings and engagements.


These duties and responsibilities are further narrowed into:


· Develop and strengthen monitoring, inspection and evaluation procedures
· Monitor all project activities and progress towards achieving the project output;
· Develop monitoring and impact indicator for the project success;
· Monitor and evaluate overall progress on achievement of results;
· Provide feedback to the Program Officer on project strategies and activities ·Report monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual progress on all project activities· Develop, support and · · ·promote the organization’s goals, including message development, social media content creation and media outreach

· Develop content for print, virtual and broadcast media.

· Ensure digital marketing content aligns with our brand’s identity and message and assists with marketing campaigns as needed.

· Evolve successful goal-oriented communications plans with the creative department

· Produce and manage material for social networking websites on behalf of the organization

· Develop and disseminate public relations materials that increase our visibility among stakeholders and lawmakers

· Assist in developing operational monitoring tools (Checklist, questionnaires, databases, interview and survey forms)

· Participate in the evaluation of project’s results and achievements

· Provide M&E verbal and written reports every month to the program officer.

· Assist in maintaining a clear and transparent filing system. Ensure that hard copies and soft copies of data are kept properly.

· Actively collaborate with the program officer to provide inputs to develop databases on project activities and assist in updating regularly the database according to the project requirements.


Qualifications and experience:


· A bachelor`s degree in either Social Sciences, Mass Communications or Development Studies

· At least two (2) years of professional working experience in designing and executing communications activities especially in development programs

· At least one (1) year experience in relevant field (M&E, International Development)

· Knowledge of and experience with media production, communication and dissemination techniques and methods. This includes alternative ways to inform and entertain via written, oral and visual media.

· Experience of working with local NGOs, INGOs and government bodies would be an added advantage.

· Be able to manage multiple tasks and responsibilities.

· Proficient in the use of computer applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and editing software for pictures and videos.

· Good interpersonal skills including negotiation skills; ability to represent the organization at external events; comfortable with public presentation skills.





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