Peace Building

Community development is a multi-faceted activity that has different ends. It has also different requirements depending on the needs of people inside the community. Development can be achieved through sustaining and managing inclusion and diversity, keeping peace and order as an important aspect of community development. Without peace and order, it is impossible to unite the members of the community and enforce other sustainability prospects. A community filled with peace loving citizens is a community where peace has been built.

IFA conducted a research on gender based violence against women “What Violence Means to Us: Women with Disabilities Speak” is a research on the experiences of Women with Disabilities during violent conflict, and a focus was established on gender based violence during relative peaceful period. All women find it difficult to escape violence and abuse due to societal norms and lack of services but women with disabilities have additional barriers to independence, information, reporting and accessing services.. Their dependence on caregivers and family members not only makes it more likely they will experience violence but also that they will be less likely to be able to leave abusive situations.The research document is currently supporting initiatives like the Observatory Steering Committee (OBSTECT) in Plateau, state Nigeria where cases of sexual and violence against women are reported and prosecuted are justice is ensured for women and girls. There are a lot of Women like Asabe who justice was sort for after facing violence from family members as a woman with disability. She is currently independent, and is empowered with a registered communications business where she sells call units and data to various organizations like Inclusive Friends, Disability Rights Commission, etc.The current actions based on this research show positive results (increased awareness on gender based violence among women and girls with disabilities, the significance of institutional response in promoting the rights of women and girls with disabilities, and strengthening civil society engagements with the government).