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About IFA.


Inclusive Friends Association (IFA) is a Person with Disability (PWD) woman-led nonprofit and non-governmental organization that employs data to address inclusion and participation challenges of over 30 million PWDs in Nigeria through advocacy, training, and research.
IFA focal areas of work are Democracy, Good Governance, and Gender. Located in Abuja, IFA is an innovative and consistent leader within the Disability community as well as in the democracy and governance space with a wide network of allies, stakeholders and various PWD groups nationally which are instrumental to the success of its programs.


IFA’s mission is to promote the full inclusion and participation of all Persons With Disability in Nigeria and dismantle the social injustices that diminish their human rights.


At IFA, we envision a world where Persons with Disabilities are supported to live and lead fulfilled lives in their communities.


Our approach involves empowering persons with disabilities with skills and knowledge to demand for equity, opportunities, social justice and human rights in their communities. From media campaigns to Music, Inclusive Friends understands the power of creativity in influencing change so we are always learning and improving our strategies in creating an inclusive world where everyone counts.

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