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For work with young disability rights activists to support community action and build mechanisms for accountability in addressing GBV in Nigeria

Background Information

Globally, the scourge of violence against women has gained overdue recognition as a pressing global crisis demanding swift action and eradication. This widespread issue manifests in multiple distressing forms, leaving victims to grapple with physical, sexual, and psychological trauma. Tragically, women and girls with disabilities face a doubly invisible plight; their experiences remain largely unreported and ignored. They are conspicuously absent from the discourse on gender-based violence, with media and gender equality movements often sidelining their struggles. 

Highlighting the data on violent trends across Nigeria, none of this data speaks to the experience of women and girls with disabilities. This could be attributed to the culture of silence towards reporting abuse experienced by survivors, especially women, and girls with a disability, due to fear of being disbelieved, withdrawal of assistance, stigma, and access to support systems. 

Meet our Indomitable Fellows

In the bit to increase community action against Gender and Disability-Based Violence (GDBV) in Nigeria. we are brooding a network of young advocates (with and without disabilities) to support community action and build mechanisms for accountability in addressing GBV.

We are constituting an Inter-agency task force against gender and disability-based violence comprising both State and non-state actors to galvanize support, deepen interventions, and improve access to services for survivors of GDBV across all states in Nigeria.

Since 2021, the fellowship has commissioned 106 members in its network across states in Nigeria. we aim to empower 500 young disability rights activists with the necessary skills and resources by 2027.

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