Access Nigeria Community Actor

Community Actor Hails Access Nigeria Campaign


Published: July 1, 2019, 1:36 p.m.

Mr Ibrahim Daniel Arome decided to mobilize other persons with disabilities for the general elections for two purposes.

Primarily, he wanted to feel fulfilled by giving back to his community. His secondary reason was to amplify the voices of persons with disabilities.

“I want people with disability to be relevant in the process of decision making in Nigeria”, he said.
Access Nigeria Campaign registered over fifty community actors to conduct Get Out the Vote campaign to encourage persons with disabilities to vote for their candidates of choice.

The team trained community actors on procedures to get persons with disabilities to vote. The campaign was supported by Voice.

Mr Arome reported that for the first time the turnout of persons with disabilities at Kogi state polls was like never before. “Persons with disabilities came out in large numbers to claim their voting rights and I feel very happy about it”.

Getting a person with disabilities to participate in voting is one way the Access Nigeria Campaign can reach its set objectives. Access Nigeria Program manager Jesse John said the reports on turn out shows we are on track.

“I feel if this campaign is taken to all parts of Nigeria, persons with disabilities will be well represented,” Arome said. “I am pleased to be associated with Access Nigeria”.

By Janice Malachi