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IFA leads the Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) in Nigeria in ensuring that Persons with Disabilities enjoy equal civic and political rights as effective members of the Nigerian political community.

Hence, IFA drives evidence-based advocacy to various targets from political education, to elections, politics, and civic hubs to ensure that Persons with Disabilities fully participate in the civic and political process. 

Objective 1:

All people with disabilities, regardless of cultural or religious affiliation, actively, equally and meaningfully participate in policy decision making at their local communities towards their national development.

Objective 2:

Electoral reforms, systems, and processes are inclusive of and accessible for people with disabilities to meaningfully participate and effectively contribute to civic duties and responsibilities that affect their lives.

Objective 3:

National and state governments amplified the voices of people with disabilities in developing, domesticating, mainstreaming, and implementing disability rights legislation.

The Tactics 


We will deploy our expertise, networking, and alliance to advocate for all state governments to domesticate and implement disability legislation. We know this is imperative for us to protect the rights of persons with disabilities. We will continue to work with the electoral and disability agencies to ensure their interventions increase the active participation of people with disabilities in civic duty and decisions that are capable of affecting their lives.



We will bring to the fore the voices and agencies of persons with disabilities during decision-making in government. We will encourage and educate people with disabilities to have the capacity to participate in the political process and showcase them for recognition. Our ambition is to co-create an inclusive civic hub raising the next generation of political leaders with disabilities. 

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