How IFA Amplying Voices Project is making Strides towards Inclusive Education

The importance of education cannot be overemphasized. As the adage carries “Education is the bedrock of the society”. It is because the growth of every society depends on the level of education of its citizens.
Here is Yahaya Yusuf somewhere in the heart of Gombe, amplifying the voices of children with disabilities who are out of school due to family economic status and other related challenges. Education has to be inclusive, and as such Yahaya testifies the importance while Speaking to Vision FM Gombe, “We want a society where no child with a disability is denied education due to their disability, poverty or whatsoever…
Yahaya Yusuf and his Aid/Sign language Interpreter Miss. Aisha Salisu
The Disability Based Violence (DBV) Advocate before the visit to Vision FM had identified and visited parents whose children are out of school. On the visit, he realized that most of the parents could not afford their wards to school because they lack funds. he said, “I embarked on an advocacy visit to the parents of these children to have their admission letter, the majority of the parents exclaimed they cannot afford to send them to school that’s why they are at home.” Taking the bull by its horn, Yahaya obliges the parents to get admission letters for their wards as he champions the course of soliciting for funds. “we requested from (the parents) to get us admission letters to enable us secure sponsorship of those children from Government, NGOs, philanthropist etc. as you can see, most of the parents complied and brought us their wards admission letter”.
Copies of Admission letters
In the stride to closing the gaps in inclusive education, Yahaya visited the Better Education Service Delivery (BESDA) Gombe State. While, during the visit, he solicited for their commitment to procure school uniforms and other stationaries for 10 students with disabilities thus delisting them from the chronicles of socio-economic violence.
Yahaya with BESDA Staff Gombe
Yahaya Yusuf has a hearing impairment and his capacity in advocacy was built through Amplifying Voices Cohort Fellowship in March 2021, organized by the Inclusive Friends Association, funded by Ford Foundation. He is a disability-based violence advocate with a mission against the socio-economic violence experienced by PWDs in Gombe State (through education).  

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