Inclusive Friends Association (IFA) Condemns Incessant Attacks on INEC offices

Date: 28 November 2022
For Immediate Release:
The Inclusive Friends Association (IFA) a non for profit organization condemns the vicious and incessant attacks that have been targeted on staff and properties of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in recent times. These attacks are demonizing, unpatriotic and foes exhibition to Nigeria’s democracy.
This type of attitude does not demonstrate any form of loyalty to the country but taints the nation’s image in the eyes of the international community. This action obviously is not just a fight against INEC as an institution, but against Nigeria’s democracy; and this calls for collective action against any group or individuals responsible.
These forms of actions are costing the commission loss of resources both human and material and considering the operations and deliverables of the commission.
These actions by unpatriotic citizens pose a threat to credible citizens’ participation in the 2023 general election and can lead to voter apathy. Worthy of note, confidence in security services during elections may suffer citizens’ distrust.
While we commensurate with the INEC Chairman Prof. Mahmood Yakubu and the staff on these losses, we encourage the commission to remain firm in its commitment to delivering free, credible, fair, and inclusive elections come 2023.
IFA called on the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and other relevant civil security authorities to brace up their services across the country on INECs properties and citizens at large.
Political actors are also admonished to caution their supporters in the way they react and their actions as a country are needed to be governed.
We encourage citizens to remain law-abiding and desist from perpetrating destructive actions that do not portray true citizenship.
Democracy works; lets us consolidate positive energy toward the growth of our nation’s democracy.
May democracy succeed!
Grace Jerry
Executive Director, IFA

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