Participate Today

The Participate Today campaign is a PWD focused campaign that seeks to increase the participation of PWDs in the broader political space in Nigeria through organizing, training and active engagements with political party structures.

Within the past months of implementing this project,

  • We have recorded more PWDs voting at elections due to our voter education massaging in the popular television networks in Nigeria.
  • We are currently documenting all PWDs who ran for various elective positions in Nigeria’s 2019 general elections.
  • We are also conducting a survey on the political participation of PWDs in Nigeria in the lead up to and the 2019 general elections. This will enable us to set up a political academy to train PWDs on specific skills they need to run for office in Nigeria. This we would do through collaboration with other organizations.

The Participate Today project is implemented with funding from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).