Strength Beyond all Odds

The International Albinism Awareness Day is observed annually on June 13. 
Today is dedicated to highlight the rights of those born with albinism and to increase awareness about their genetic conditions. 
It’s a clarion call to dine in solidarity with those who have albinism as we look forward to quake barriers they face.
The glaring erroneous beliefs and superstitions attached to the physical appearance of those with albinism have rendered many victims stocked in the web of intersectionality, suffocating and being stung with the dirt of trauma, stereotypes, stigma and all sort of discrimination.
Our theme “Strength Beyond all Odds” render the opportunity to celebrate people with albinism as Statemen that have shown resilience and have defied odds with utmost confidence making exploits around the globe. 
We call on all and sundry to join the campaign to #BuildBackBetter and champion the course for person’s with albinism to lead and leave their full potentials with all-inclusive opportunities. 
The need to sterilize the “noticed by many, seen by few” syndrome inflicted on our conscience should be with love, respect and the willingness to share in the fate of people with albinism.

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